Hello dear reader, welcome to our Crochet And Me blog, we are going to create a simple and inviting tutorial to crochet the Strange Signs Square. This is a perfect project for beginners, so grab your needle and thread and let’s get started!

Step 1: Required Materials
First of all, you will need:

A crochet hook of whatever size you want (usually 4mm works well)
Yarn of different colors to bring your project to life
Your determination and a little patience

Step 2: Start with a Slip Knot
To start, make a slip knot in the yarn you chose as your main color. This will be the base of our square.

Step 3: Make the Chains
Make 6 chains from the slip knot. These chains will be the basis of your work.

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Step 4: Close the Circle
Now, insert the needle into the first link of the chain and make a slip stitch to form a circle with the chains.

Step 5: First Row of Low Crochet
Start the first row by making 12 single crochets inside the circle you created. This will form the center of your square.

Step 6: Color Change
When you finish the first row, it’s time to change color. Choose a new color of yarn and attach it to the last single crochet of the previous row.

Step 7: Second Row of Low Crochet
Chain 3 times (they will count as your first double crochet) and then work 2 more double crochets in the same stitch where you made the last double crochet in the previous row. This forms the first corner of your square. Now work 1 single crochet in each of the next 3 single crochets, 3 double crochets in the next single crochet. Repeat this pattern until you complete the row. Finish with 1 single crochet in the last single crochet.

Step 8: Repeat for the Other Corners
Repeat Step 7 three more times, one for each corner of your square. Make sure to change colors after each row.

Step 9: Finish and Cut
When you have four rows of corners, finish your square by slip stitching into the third chain of the first chain from Step 7. Cut the yarn and pull it through the slip stitch.

Step 10: Your Strange Signs Square is ready!
Congratulations! You have just created your own crochet Strange Signs Square. Now you can use it as a base to make blankets, cushions, or whatever your creativity dictates.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if your first square isn’t perfect. Over time, you will improve and be able to create amazing crochet pieces! Have fun with your new project today.

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It is with great affection, love, grace and mercy that we wish all our readers a life full of God’s blessings in their homes, and mainly showered with good cheer and creativity to make the most beautiful crochet patterns.
Crochet And Me!

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